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Neverdaunt is a dream like world of floating Islands and falling stars where nearly anything can happen. 8Bit refers to the era of computers with eight bit processors. N8* parodies the graphics style these computers were capable of and 8Bit also refers to N8* being a kind of Neverdaunt lite.
N8* is an online massively multiplayer virtual sandbox, A place to play, make friends, be creative and competitive.

The whole thing also happens to be the work of one guy (that's me, hello). Which isn't something that normally happens with an MMO, so I thought I would point that out. The reason I can make something like this by myself is the very nature and design of N8*... every player helps build the world and create gameplay!

My name in game is Aion, so if you see me, say hello.


N8* is in Beta, this means we are testing to see what works and what does not. It also means that there will be a lot more stuff added to the game as we go along. If you find a bug, please post it on the Forums.
You start out with a sword, hit someone with it enough and they die or let people know your friendly by disarming it and wearing it on your back. You can find more weapons through out the world, like Broken Zanbato's in the Doom Caverns or Epic Items that drop when a player dies.
You can get PowerUps from Arcade Cabinets by dropping Tokens into them. PowerUps Include things like MegaJump and Zoom. There are a bunch more planned too. You can only hold one PowerUp at a time, so choose wisely.
Neverdaunt is visited from time to time by Actor Player Characters that make the game more fun in different ways. Be on the look out for ThePumpkinKing, you might be able to win his Skull Scythe. Be sure to be nice to Grandmother, or she wont give you any cookies.
The world of N8 is split up into Cells and each Cell has a Shrine. If you, or one of your friends own the shrine, you can use it to Save, Set your colors, and And Control the Cell mode. If you Take over a Shrine, you'll own the Cell and you can make Tokens and Build all kinds of things.
Once you own a Cell, it goes into 'Build' mode. As long as its in this mode, you and your friends can build whatever you like. You can make castles to protect your shrine, huge towers, or just make some weird sculpture. While its in this mode it cant be taken by other players. Eventually the Cell will switch to 'Static' mode and you'll have to defend your Shrine.
You can place Monsters in your cell if you level up your Cell, and they will help protect it. All kinds of monsters can be found in the different special areas too. Like Zombie Santa's in the Ice Zone or Duck Dragons in the Doom Caverns.
You can use Tronics to do amazing things. Wire up trap doors, invent a game, lock things with passwords... Its an in game visual programming language, and it takes some skill to learn, but is very rewarding when you figure it out.
You can buy new hats, weapons and blocks in the arcade, using tickets you get from the store! However none of the things you buy with tickets give you any kind of advantage in game play, they just look really cool.
The console lets you do all sorts of things, like find information about the world, and set up your list of friends. Type GUIDE into the Console to figure out how to play the game.
You can talk to other players around the world via your Radio, there are thousands of channels to use, and it even works with Tronics! If you need help, ask on channel 0.
Right now your just getting the very basics of N8. But soon there will be all sorts of cool things. Soon there will be Guns to shoot, More PowerUps to get, Achievements to unlock and Ships to sail through the sky!
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